Why You Need To Give Us Your Digits

So… we think you’re kind of cute, and we’d like you to give us your personal information.

We won’t rat you out to your parents or email you in the middle of the night. Okay, we will email you in the middle of the night, but only with cool shit, because we like to think we’re cool.

So if you’d like to get our updates in email, just fill in this here form below. It’s easy, non-toxic, and you can unsub at any time.

If you’d prefer the low-volume mailing list, just contact us. Then we’d email you maybe once a month and only with major announcements. That’s low volume.

Squid Parties

Wait, what’s in it for you??!? Good question. Well, for one, if you live in Austin you’ll be invited to our squid parties. You’ll get alerts whenever a new issue of Space Squid is published. You’ll also get updates any time new stories, artwork, cartoons, news items, and whatnot hit the site.

The squid parties aren’t like ordinary parties. We like active parties. Previous events featured some of the following unmissables:

Now some of you – probably the ones who are best entrusted with zombie-slaying weapons – are asking, “WTF?!? Zombie killing tests? Are you insane? And where can I get my own zombie?!?”

That’s the straight dope. We tested the efficacy of legal zombie killing weapons on real actual skulls. NO SHIT.

Okay, I need some of that. Here’s my email:

For two, if you sign up on the list, you’ll get all the latest dope from us. Could be story readings, artwork, the latest funny t-shirt we’ve made, or the announcement of a new issue, brimming with stories, comix, and da funny. You can unsubscribe at any time. You don’t even have to live in Austin.

Okay, now that you’ve signed up, here’s the Q&A from our zombie event, because you might still have some questions.

So…you’re saying that if I show up with my axe and samurai sword, they’ll actually let me in the door?

Kinda. We’ll do the bashing in the parking lot. Please observe applicable laws in arriving at the store safely. We have no idea what laws govern the transport of samurai swords.

Do I need to bring a raincoat?

If you plan on testing a weapon, please don’t come in top hat and spats.

Oh wait. What the hell are we saying? Please do come in top hat and spats.

A raincoat is fine; just don’t scare the customers. If you choose, you can have a Squid editor test your weapon for you. Of course, spectators should be safe from gore as long as they don’t get too friendly with the corpses.


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