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1) Find out about sponsoring a story! Promote your book, your business, or anything else (okay, almost anything) a 1-3 sentence blurb/bio, a photo, and a link to your site from the featured story. (Example here.) There’s only one sponsor a month, and you get a featured mention in our email newsletter, which goes to around 2000 loving opt-in cephalophiles. The cost is $25, which honestly we believe (at the ridiculous cost of $.0125 per opt-in email impression, and that’s not even including the direct website visits and the do-follow link to your website) is the cheapest ad to this market that you’ll ever find. Can you tell what our day job is?

Plus you enjoy the warm, squishy feeling of having brought art and laughter into the world. Or maybe that feeling is a medical condition. You should make an appointment with your doctor. We’re also unashamed in saying that sponsors get their story submissions expedited to the top of the queue. We are a volunteer operation and running this thing costs money…!

2) Request to be added to our low-volume email list. Only one email a month! You get more email from your stepdad, and our emails are a lot funnier than his.

3) Send in a question for our advice column, “Ask Aunty Stanky”! Aunty Stanky is a relation of our corporate spokessquid, Squishy, and she has a lot of cantankerous and possibly immoral life advice to share. We can’t guarantee your question will be answered publicly, but we are reasonably sure Aunty Stanky will write something odd somewhere.

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