Read Fast! Our Stories Expire

Image by Pete Linforth

Yes, you read that in time. Space Squid stories are now ephemeral, which means they could disappear on you, so don’t sleep on the Squid. In fact, you should join our mailing list so you know when each new story comes out.

Typically, you have a full month before a Space Squid story gets de-listed from the website. We do this to ensure that each story or story set gets the full attention it deserves.

We’ve all fallen into the “I’ll read it next month” trap. So we’ve taken away next month to make sure you don’t. You’re welcome!

Of course, our best-of annual still comes out every summer in PDF and print. So you can be assured that even if you’re too damned lazy to read our carefully-curated tales when they come out, you can catch the best of the best once a year and even buy the PDF versions of past years.

The only caveat? There are a lot of amazing stories that we can’t fit in the annual. All it takes is one stellar long story to squeeze our annual down to four or five stories total.

Our advice? Join our mailing list below (it make take a moment to load but if it doesn’t please contact us) and read the Squid religiously!

Bonus: all members of the mailing list have a chance to win our annual free t-shirt giveaway. And our funny t-shirts rock the house.