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Squid Friends

Our super friends are:

Did you know Space Squid guys (cofounders and visionaries) Matthew and Steve have an RPG podcast? They're playing the second-best super hero game from the 80s: Villains and Vigilantes. The podcast is called Bad Roll Models: And yes, the DM does funny voices.

The Drabblecast has returned as a sponsor, and if you haven't put this podcast on your media player, give it a whirl. It's like Space Squid, but in audio format and with professional production standards and a disturbing fixation on Lovecraft.

Austin artist David Johnston, animation, illustration, and graphic design is a sponsor too. He did the "vicious squid" logo. His website has some pretty dang mind-blowing art on it.

The Long Center - The Intergalactic Nemesis show they did as a live-action graphic novel has come and gone, but there's plenty more Intergalactic Nemesis events forthcoming.

Let's not forget the campaign to nominate Space Squid editor Matthew Bey for least deserved Campbell Award in history. He may be from Wisconsin, but we like him anyhow.

Barsuk Records - Indie record label, home to Deathcab for Cutie, Nada Surf, and the Mates of State.

Misra Records - Austin-based record label with a world-beating menagerie of bands, including Centro-matic, the Mendoza Line, and the sublime Shearwater.

The Austin Slugtribe - Breeding ground for Austin sci-fi and fantasy.

Secretly Canadian - Glorious tunes from bands like Swearing at Motorists ("the two-man Who") and singer-songwriter Jason Molina.

Cosmic squid jewelry from Noadi, who also has a cool site urging the adoption of the phrase "squad of squid".

Digital design house Sparkleworks - The folks who did our cover and site. Presentations, DVDs, graphics.

And of course, our friends at

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