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A sci-fi, horror, fantasy, bizarro, slipstream, comics anthology of the best fiction printed in the first five years and ten issues of Space Squid, the finest hand-stapled sci-fi and humor zine in human history. This collection is the first time many of these stories have been made available to the world through electronic publishing. This is history in digital form, people! History for the cost of $2.99, less than a penny per luscious word.

Featuring the works of:

  • Chris Roberson
  • Chris Nakashima Brown
  • Mike Sacks
  • Nicole Kimberling
  • Ryan C. Thomas
  • Michael Stone
  • Simon Boston
  • Neil Carstairs
  • Patrice Sarath
  • Derek J. Goodman
  • Mikal Trimm
  • Melissa Tyler
  • David Mulis
  • Land Newton
  • Christopher Oatis
  • Paige Roberts
  • Glenn Shaheen
  • J.R. Hamantaschen
  • K.C. Shaw
  • J.E. McCollum
  • William Zebulon Peacock
  • Brian Beise
  • Jeff Vande Zande
  • J. M. McDermott
  • Noah Elliot Blake
  • Ryan W. Bradley
  • Nicky Drayden
  • Frank Dutkiewicz
  • Erica Hildebrand
  • Jamie Lackey
  • Rupan Malakin
  • Phil Emery

* The e-book is in Kindle format, which can be read on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Mac, or PC. Please contact us if you have any problems or questions about reading your e-book on your device!

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