Funny T-Shirt!

Funny T-Shirt: Why Would We Lie About That?

funny-t-shirtThe internet is full of moderately hilarious T-shirts, but how many of them have a scifi politics theme? We should start thinking about the big issues and whether or not we want to back the big guy with our Harrison Ford for President of the Universe t-shirt.

It's printed in two colors (black and blue) on quality American Apparel soft tees. In white (size L) and beige (XL). And just what are Harrison Ford's beliefs, you ask? Well, he's not very religious. He says, "Instead [of religion] we were given Democrat instruction; to be liberals of every stripe. I don’t judge what other people do. At least I try not to ever judge what other people do unless they do it in my face." He was strongly anti-Iraq War but he's not a political gadfly. If that works for you, well, so does this shirt...!

Of course there's a story behind this T-shirt. This funny T-shirt was originally printed for an Austin indie-rock band who was clearly cooler than us. This band was so cool that they welshed on their bill, allowing us to pick up these shirts for a song. But don't worry, the artist crossed out the name of the band and hand-wrote "Space Squid Magazine" underneath it. That's because we pay attention to little details like that.

You want one? Send us an email and we can send one of these to you for a mere $10 (plus $5 shipping).

This isn't the only funny Squid shirt available right now. We just got in a new batch of upcycled multicolored Space Squid t-shirts in size L, including two that are printed on tech shirts (wicking shirts for runners, L). Each shirt is unique, printed by hand in permanent fabric paints, handwash only. Send us an email -- these are $6 for black, $10 for American Apparel t-shirts in various colors, and $10 for a wicking runner's tech shirt, plus $5 shipping.


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