Meet the Squid(s)

Squishy the Squid is an astrocephalopod with a taste for edgy fiction and cutting-edge humor. Born in the hydrogen-poor regions of deep space just off the Orion arm of the Milky Way galaxy, Squishy has long known the feverish desire to live somewhere closer to the cultural and literary hub of the universe. So it was the culmination of a life and lightyears-long dream when he moved to Austin, Texas, and became the corporate mascot for Space Squid magazine.

Matthew F. Amati, associate editor, wears socks and lives by a canal. Occasional temper-tantrums give way to resigned melancholy. Amati's diffidently-updated writer blog is He is the author of the bestselling novel Loompaland (and by bestselling, we mean it has literally sold two copies to date) which features drunk Oompa-Loompas and gross candy.

D Chang is a Squid editor/founder and game writer from Austin, Texas. He's also a Rice University Publishing Program and Stanford graduate, designer, and web marketing consultant. His writing has appeared in the Avast Ye Airships anthology, the Cryptopolis science fiction anthology, the literary journal Sequoia, and in videogames you've probably never played (maybe you want to try a free demo of his retro RPG?). He can be contacted directly at ohsquishy squiggle spacesquid fullstop com. But you might have to send it a few times because he should be reading and editing.

Associate editor J. M. Evenson lives in a dusty Venice Beach shack with her husband and kids. She holds a BA, MA, MFA, and PhD. Next stop: beauty school. You can find her fiction in Escape Pod, Every Day Fiction, and The Colored Lens, among other nerdy venues.

Isobel Horsburgh, associate editor, lives in South Tyneside, in North East England. She used to be a long-term carer, and now does casual work in libraries. Her work has appeared in Devilfish Review, The Casket Of Fictional Delights, The Drabble, InkBlink, 200cc, Buzz And Roar, Urban Fantasist, Gathering Storm, It's All Trumped Up, Phobos, Noir: At The Salad Bar and Strange Beasties.

Kathryn Newlin lives in Houston. She writes and performs cat-appreciation songs, teaches math, believes in magic, and struggles with cute aggression.

Matthew Bey is a sci-fi writer and occasional Squid editor living in Austin, Texas. He is the host of This Week in the Multiverse podcast, as well as the fishing podcast Last Cast Podcast. He is a creator of the free science fiction magazine Space Squid as well as the Helmut Finch mythos.

Elle Van Hensbergen is a writer and occasional Squid editor who lives in Central Texas. Her short fiction has appeared in Flashquake and various other 'zines.

J.J. Reynolds is a writer and editor emeritus in Austin, Texas. Her short fiction has appeared in such diverse publications as 101 Fiction and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. Since she started working with Space Squid she has developed a strange aversion to calamari.

Steve Wilson is a freelance writer who lives in Austin, Texas. His fiction has appeared in The Moron's Guide to the Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, Opium Magazine and Parageography. His non-fiction about speculative matters has appeared in GQ, The Village Voice, Salon, and Reading the Slayer: The Unofficial Critical Companion to Buffy and Angel. He is a founder and editor emeritus of the sci-fi magazine Space Squid.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Met D Chang last night at an artists' potluck and invited him to participated in the upcoming "Out of This World" spoken word and poetry show sponsored by The Austin Writers Roulette. The show is on Sunday, April 13th at Stompin' Grounds from 4 to 6. As a special treat, Stompin' Grounds is also having a crawfish boil!

    Please go to our website for more details and we hope to have some Space Squids representing at the next roulette!

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