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free scifiFree scifi is the urge that drives you here. You need free scifi. You yearn for free scifi. Especially the funny scifi.

You must have your free PDFs of Space Squid issues! A whale-load of outrageous and sometimes funny sci-fi and outrageousness! These PDFs contain your planet’s finest and funniest free sci-fi known to squiddom!

The current free PDF is issue #7. To redeem, just add it to your cart and enter the promo code ILOVESQUID. If you are one of the lucky people with an exclusive promo code from an editor, you can get #7 and get your special download on our promo page.

Also, please consider buying one of our astonishing low-cost ads or a funny t-shirt. We promise not to tell anyone.

And let us know what you think of your free sci-fi!

The Cat T-Shirt a.k.a. Team Feline

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Space Squid Logo T-Shirt

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Our Funny Covid T-Shirt (Taking Requests)

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Space Squid #14 PDF: Survivors

This special issue collects the best of our web-published stories from 2016 to 2017. Sixteen FULL COLOR pages in a unique 5.5 x 8.5 format with a gorgeous retro Barbarella-style […]

Space Squid #13 PDF: It’s Your Lucky Day

This special issue collects the best of our web-published stories from 2015 to 2016 plus a special print-only story from Kelly Luce, author of Pull Me Under. Twenty-four FULL COLOR […]

Space Squid #6 PDF

Squid Grrrl: Joyce Print run: 1255 Notes: First color cover. Sponsored by Gamecock and the Mushroom Men game for the Wii. Produced for Armadillocon. “Electric Fantastiphone” is a highlight. Also […]

Space Squid #5 PDF

Spring 2008 Squid Grrrl: Chloe Warnock Print run: 600(?) Notes: First free issue. Special Nebula Awards in Austin issue. Stories: “The World’s Most Dangerous Animal Ever” by David Alexander Mulis […]

Space Squid #4 PDF

(aka Vol 2, Issue 1) Summer 2007 Squid Grrrl: Nedra Frangelico Print run: 400(?) Notes: The first issue that we actually printed out on our free craigslist copier, Sanjay2, saving […]

Space Squid #3 PDF

(aka Vol 1, Issue 3) Fall 2006 Squid Grrrl: Teal Day Print run: 400(?), Office Depot Notes: World Fantasy Issue. First appearance of regular contributor Derek J. Goodman. Wildly embarrassing […]