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Our Game of Thrones-y Radio Play from Armadillocon

We decided it was time to do some instant radio theater for this summer's Armadillocon. The concept was that we'd write a funny half-hour radio play, heavy on Game of Thrones and AD&D jokes, post it as an event in

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Obligatory Hugo Nomination Endorsements

It's the last day to put in your nominations for the Hugos, for those of you who are eligible to vote (and if you don't know if you are or not, I'm not about to explain the process here*). Of

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Squid Review: You Shall Never Know Security

August is coming to an end, and here in Austin that means the perfect marriage of scorching heat and drenching humidity. It's no wonder us here at Space Squid read so much and don't get out very often. Some embrace

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Fiction from 11: Madge Bellamy


She came to see me the night she shot her lover. She stood on my porch in the rain, her big wet eyes staring plainly through the window, saying nothing. The water poured down over her and left a thick trail of black mascara on each of her ivory cheeks. Her hands hung limp at her sides, her fingers pale and wrinkled.

I opened the door.

“Come in,” I told her.

She waited in the hallway while I got towels from the closet. She said nothing when I...

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A Different Kind of Dillocon This Time

Young cephalopods, your erstwhile Squid editors are preparing feverishly for the upcoming Armadillocon this weekend. Not only will they be participating in the usual panels, workshops, and readings*, but they'll also be bringing you a very different Space Squid issue.

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5 Yrs of Rad Science Fiction Short Stories = Just $3?!?

Only the best science fiction short stories and humor from the best science fiction zine in history. Seriously, this is about 150 pages of our best. That's 2 pennies a page. Buy now or regret it later. That's a threat.

The Best Science Fiction Stories From Your Puny Planet

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