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The Stickers and Postcards Are Here!

Funny sticker and postcard fans, rejoice! If you've been seeking the proper, societally-approved way to show your love for squidly things, this is your time. You see, the new Space Squid stickers and postcards have arrived. And you can get

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Space Squid Issue #10 -- Now available for download

It's true that Space Squid is all about the paper. There's something about a truly archaic medium, covered in patina, toner smudges, and off-center stapling. But you know how kids are these days. They want their digital zines so they

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We Love Armadillocon

Austin's premier sci-fi/fantasy convention was last weekend. It's not a con with people in Klingon costumes walking around, although that can happen; it's a working convention for writers and publishers. It draws novelists, editors, agents, comic book writers, screenwriters, and

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Slush Pile Essentially Empty

As of this moment, there are no submissions sent prior to August 1st that haven't been responded to. We're in the middle of publishing issue #10, so if you submitted after August 1st you're going to have to wait until

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A New Space Squid to Premiere at Worldcon Reno

As I write this post, Steve, Editor D, and I are sitting around a table in the sweltering Texas heat, making furtive pen scratchings and typing at computers. We are in the last throes of the publishing process. Just now

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