Obligatory Hugo Nomination Endorsements

It’s the last day to put in your nominations for the Hugos, for those of you who are eligible to vote (and if you don’t know if you are or not, I’m not about to explain the process here*). Of course Space Squid is always encouraging people to support Space Squid for a fanzine nomination, but we have a few more endorsements if you have some empty slots on your ballot:


Babylon Moon by Matthew Bey

Short Story

texas died for somebody’s sins but not mine – By Stina Leicht
I Will Trade With You — by J. M. McDermott

Best Graphic Story

Black Science
Sex Criminals
Red Panda Adventures

Editor Short Form

Rick Klaw

Professional Artist

John Picacio


The Drabblecast


Space Squid
Bookworm Blues
My Bookish Ways


SF Signal Podcast
We’re Alive: A story of survival

John W. Campbell Award

Max Gladstone
Marshal Ryan Maresca
Rhonda Eudaly

* And here’s a screenshot of where we are on the ballot. Don’t forget — clicking “submit ballot” saves your entries and is not final. You can always return later to log in and change your nominations. Submit, and submit often. – Editor D

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