Salute the Sponsors

Now that the excitement of issue #9 hitting the stands is dying down, we should take a moment to salute our sponsors, the people who make this whole thing possible by attempting to control your mind.

We should have an extra-special shout-out to Bloodbath Pictures. Since they’ve been advertising with us they have come out with two more movies, Bikini Bloodbath Carwash, and now, just in time for the holidays, Bikini Bloodbath Christmas. Definitely check out the trailer on their site, but not where any co-workers, children, or French arthouse cinema snobs can see it.

The Drabblecast has returned as a sponsor, and if you haven’t put this podcast on your media player, you ought to. It’s like Space Squid, but in audio format and with professional production standards.

Krakatoa Shirts is also mentioned in this issue. The smoking wolf T-shirt design is perfect for anyone who likes a little subversion with their rebellion.

David Johnston, animation, illustration, and graphic design is a sponsor too. He did the cover logo for this issue. His website has some pretty dang mind-blowing art on it.

The Intergalactic Nemesis also helped out. The Long Center show they did as a live-action graphic novel has come and gone, but there’s plenty more Intergalactic Nemesis events forthcoming.

And let’s not forget, this issue of Space Squid is sponsored in part by the campaign to nominate Matthew Bey for least deserved Campbell Award in history. If there’s anyone who deserves to have such an undeserved honor, it’s me.


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