The Stickers and Postcards Are Here!

funny-sticker-postcardFunny sticker and postcard fans, rejoice! If you’ve been seeking the proper, societally-approved way to show your love for squidly things, this is your time. You see, the new Space Squid stickers and postcards have arrived. And you can get yours for doing what you were gonna do anyhow!

The stickers are 3 inches in diameter and boast a rad 4-color design.

Measuring 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″, the official Space Squid greeting postcards feature squidgrrl Megan at her Mesopotamean correspondence table (not shown, but you can see her rapidly-marking stylus) and a variety of chaos from a number of different Space Squid covers. (Can you name them all?) The tagline reads, “It’s business as usual around here… what’s new with you?” Perfect for any occasion or non-occasion!

The flipside of the postcard is blank and ready for your message. Fits perfectly in an A2-sized envelope (A2 envelopes are 4 3/8″ by 5 3/4″), or you can simply slap a stamp on the blank side, address it, and let ‘er fly.

Let’s face it: in this day and age, the best way to show you care is to put actual writing instrument to medium! Celebrate the dying art of correspondence while you’re still literate!

How to Get Your Funny Sticker and Postcard

Funny you should ask, ha ha! Just donate any amount (any amount!*) to the Squid using the Support the Squid button at the bottom of the page to get a sticker and postcard. During checkout, just click on the “Comments for the squid folk” link (under the Space Squid line item) and type in “freebies!” That’s it!

While supplies last. And you don’t even need a PayPal account**! We’re happy to send the freebies to international readers, but just make sure your donation at least covers the cost of postage to your particular nation.

* Note that our fulfillment editor may be less than appreciative of donations that ring in at the sub-$1 mark. Donate in that range at your own risk! Good thing the sticker isn’t a lick-and-stick, ha ha…!

** To donate without embracing the entity known as PayPal, simply click on the Donate button, and at the first PayPal screen, look at the bottom left. Yeah, there. Click on that link right above the MasterCard and Visa logos.

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