A New Space Squid to Premiere at Worldcon Reno

Worldcon RenoAs I write this post, Steve, Editor D, and I are sitting around a table in the sweltering Texas heat, making furtive pen scratchings and typing at computers. We are in the last throes of the publishing process.

Just now I took a sip of bourbon on the rocks, with the rocks long since melted, the solution long since tepid. That’s just part of the Space Squid creative effort.

Our plan is to get the final draft of Space Squid Issue #10 together by this weekend, then spend the next week printing up the physical copies on Sanjay2 our photocopier that rarely works (although it does seem to run a little better when it’s over 90 degrees), and then I will take the fruit of our labors to distribute by hand and on the free tables at WorldCon Reno, aka RenoVation.

As of this moment it seems like it might actually happen. Nearly all of the contributor contracts are signed and returned, nearly all of the stories are illustrated, nearly all of the layout is pieced together, and the Squid Grrrl photoshoot has already happened.

So plan to see me at WorldCon toting more piles of zines than a lesser man could carry.



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