A Different Kind of Dillocon This Time

scifi-magazineYoung cephalopods, your erstwhile Squid editors are preparing feverishly for the upcoming Armadillocon this weekend. Not only will they be participating in the usual panels, workshops, and readings*, but they’ll also be bringing you a very different Space Squid issue.

There will only be 100 copies of Space Squid issue 11. That in itself is a shocker. When they are gone, they are gone. There will be no second run.

Also, the cover will be printed in color. Verily, the cover has already been printed in color. It’s like we’re living in the future here, squidlings. See the teaser image? It looks like that, but even more fantastic.

And there are other big changes coming in the new Space Squid. We can’t tell you all the details now, but we hope to see you at the convention, and afterwards we will post all the particulars here.

* To find your favorite editor, search for “M. Bey” or “D. Chang”. Editors Steve and Elle are not on the record this year.

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