Dear Aunty Stanky — Languid

Dear Aunty Stanky:

All my work meetings are online now. How can I stay awake during them? I’ve tried knitting but occasionally someone will say my name, I don’t hear what they just said and, what’s worse, it makes me drop a stitch.


Dear Languid:

Ah, the curse of modern life in the age of COVID.  When once we were allowed to drive on dangerous highways to work in offices filled with fools and cretins, now we are forced to sit on our increasingly-plump derrieres and engage with our fellow creatures in the threateningly benign comfort of our own homes.  Quelle dommage!

Could be worse, though.  I mean, what with the knitting and all, you must be nearing retirement, right?

Always glad to help,

Mlle Stanky

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