Free t-shirts at Armadillocon!

It’s Armadillocon time!

This weekend is Armadillocon in Austin, and we’ll be there, although there won’t be a suite party with burlesque girls or a dry-ice-powered steampunk beer cooler this time. The guests of honor are Ian McDonald and Ted Chiang, and Space Squid editors and friends are well-represented, including K.G. Jewell, Rick Klaw, Stina Leicht, Jessica Reisman, Paige Roberts, Patrice Sarath, Patrick Sullivan, Mikal Trimm, Martha Wells, and D Chang.

If you’re at the con, find D Chang and get a FREE multicolored hand-printed t-shirt while supplies last. (Donations appreciated.) He also has squid mugs for sale. If you’re not in Texas, stay tuned here for news.

We have new t-shirts!

We’ve just got the aforementioned new multicolored Space Squid shirts. Each is unique and hand-printed by a Space Squid editor. Some are on basic black; others are on American Apparel or tech shirts (wicking shirts for runners). If you’re not at the con, these are $8 for black (L, XL); $10 for AA/Banana Republic (M); $12 for tech shirts (L); plus $4 shipping.

funny-tshirt-fitted funny-tshirt squid mug 2 funny-tshirt-tech

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