Free D&D Stories Read by Ice-T, and Other Randomness

free storiesFree D&D Stories

Yeah, who would’ve ever guessed we would be writing that headline? Dungeons & Dragons stories read by Ice-T?!? What is this weird, enchanting world coming to?

So yes, Audible is giving away lots of hefty, celebrity-read stories by New York Times-bestselling author R.A. Salvatore. Your readers include David Duchovny, Sean Astin, Weird Al Yankovic, Wil Wheaton, Michael Chiklis, Felicia Day, and Ice-T. Many stories weigh in at over 30 minutes so this is perfect for your end-of-summer nerd road trip.

The Science Says Squid Know How to Fly

Another moment of wonder: biologists now have proof that squid fly, and do it knowingly. “When you look at some of the pictures, it seems they are more or less using their fins as wings, and they are curling their arms in [a] shape that could easily be some kind of lifting surface,” says a scientist from the Census of Marine Life.

squid mug 2Swallowable Digs Our Latest Story

And we’re pleased that Swallowable has taken note of Bruce Holland Rogers’ “Eminent Domain,” saying it “defies classification.” High praise indeed. Read Bruce’s story if you haven’t already!

Oh Right, Space Squid Shirts and Mugs!

Check these amazing, handcrafted items out.

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