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Congrats!You got a promo code from a Space Squid editor.

Your free gift is ISSUE TWELVE of Space Squid. With only 200 copies ever to be printed, issue twelve recaps the best of our web-published stories from 2012 to 2015. This PDF features twenty-four pages in full glorious color, plus rare comic and joke content that has never been printed before.

Not to be missed. You lucky lucky soul. Here's the link; enter your secret promo code at checkout where it says "Have a discount code? Click to enter it."

If you can't read your code because the font is too janky (sigh), please email the address on the card with your name and where you met the editor and we'll get you the code.

Please protect our writers and artists and do not post your promo code anywhere on the internets.

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The Best Science Fiction Stories From Your Puny Planet

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