Space Squid #7 PDF

With a full-color cover featuring the lovely Ruby Joule, issue 7 was a stunner with contributions from writers J.E. McCollum, Glenn Shaheen, William Peacock, Brian Beise, Jeff Vande Zande, Jens Rushing, and K.C. Shaw.

Artists Paul Salamone, Chris Waltrip, G.W. Thomas, Chris Friend, Richard Cabeza, John Medaille, and Dan Burt also added their talents.

This issue also included one of my personal favorite puzzle fun pages, “Alternative Economies.” The highlights for me are “The Couch Cycle,” which shows how abandoned couches return value to the furniture ecosystem, and “Entertainment Economy Worksheet,” which helps misguided entertainers, musicians, and scifi writers determine whether their efforts are creating joy or merely sucking entertainment out of the universe.