Space Squid #2 PDF

(aka Vol 1, Issue 2)
Summer 2006
Squid Grrrl: Corina Frankie
Print run: 300(?), Office Depot
Notes: First appearance of the wildly popular funpage. Glossiest black and white cover we ever had. We’ve since been informed that there is no longer such thing as legal-sized glossy copy paper. Cover price dropped to $1.

This is one of Editor D’s favorite issues. “Primary Pollinator” is a hell-on-wheels story of man-and-vegetable brotherhood that should’ve won a Nebula. That’s not all. “Clone BBQ” and “Cookies”… well, let’s just say it’s worth every penny.

“Cookies Have No Souls” by Ryan C. Thomas
“Tastes Like Chicken” by Michael Stone
“The Demon on the Floor” by Leo Siren
“Clone Barbecue” by Jennifer Pelland
“Primary Pollinator” by Nicole Kimberling
“Into the Slipstream!” by Robert Burke Richardson
“Slipstream Via Python” by Mikal Trimm

Elf by Simon Boston
Apathy Striketeam by D Chang

Tony Millionaire
Paul Milligan
David Johnston
Stanislav Grezdo