Space Squid #1 PDF

(aka Vol 1, Issue 1)
Summer 2005
Squid Grrrl: Cecil Clorox
Print run: 400, all commercially done
Notes: Matte black and white all the way through. Clearly a first effort, but with many notable contributions. Priced at $2, but nearly every copy was mooched by someone.

“L.A. Basin vs. Central Texas” by Bruce Sterling
“The Trouble with Superman” by Chris Roberson
“Furniture, Fangs, and Fannies” by Jessica Reisman
“Life in the Pit of Bones” by Jay Lake
“Two Enigmas” by Chris Nakashima-Brown
“The Three Laws of Robotics” by Mike Sacks
“A.D.D. Pop Semiotics” by Jonathan Chang

“The Octopus with Enormous Breasts” by Christopher Hay and Matthew Bey
“Dissecting Chekhov’s Heart” by D Chang
“War and Peace of the Worlds Mashup” by Steve Wilson
“Octopus Baby” by Mara Hincher

David Johnston