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Squid Review: You Shall Never Know Security

August is coming to an end, and here in Austin that means the perfect marriage of scorching heat and drenching humidity. It's no wonder us here at Space Squid read so much and don't get out very often. Some embrace

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Our Game of Thrones Infographic

You know you've been yearning for it: an infographic about Game of Thrones! Although honestly, this Game of Thrones piece is more focused on funny "Then and Now" comparisons than it is about counting the number of times the Starks

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Squid Review: Unstuck, Issue 1

Unstuck is an Austin non-profit fiction journal that aims to collect short stories together into an annual edition of the surreal, fantastic, and futuristic. The first issue has 21 short stories, 5 poems, and 1 non-fiction essay. The first thing

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Shadowheart Preview: Tad Williams’ Newest

Fantasy readers, we've got a special Thanksgiving preview surprise for you -- a reading of an preview from Tad Williams' new (and final) book in the Shadowmarch series.

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Cutting Pig Heads

I presume that you've seen the video of Space Squid's zombie simulation project. Well, it turns out that other people have been doing the whole chopping pig heads with swords thing. Only their swords actually cut the pig head instead

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5 Yrs of Rad Science Fiction Short Stories = Just $3?!?

Only the best science fiction short stories and humor from the best science fiction zine in history. Seriously, this is about 150 pages of our best. That's 2 pennies a page. Buy now or regret it later. That's a threat.

The Best Science Fiction Stories From Your Puny Planet

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