Need some weird, funny stories in your life? You’re in the right place. Based in Austin, Texas, Space Squid is a free, award-winning hybrid publication featuring eclectic science fiction short stories, bizarro, errata, culture jamming, puzzles, poetry, and whatever else works. Tales that linger in your head. Bizarre short fiction that makes you smile and question your place in the universe. For over a decade, we’ve known it when we’ve seen it and we know you will too.

We’ve been fortunate to win a “Best of Austin” from the Austin Chronicle and publish funny stories from Nicky Drayden (The Prey of Gods, Temper), Kelly Luce (Three Scenarios in Which Hana Sasaki Grows a Tail), Bruce Sterling (Mirrorshades, Islands in the Net, Heavy Weather), Chris Roberson (Clockwork Storybook, Superman, iZombie), Jay Lake (John W. Campbell Award winner), Jennifer Pelland (Nebula nominee), Tony Millionaire (Maakies), Caroline M. YoachimWilliam Shakespeare, and lots of other ridiculously talented people. We’re not sure why they tolerate us.


Austin-based sci-fi and humor mag Space Squid is pushing back against the mostly inevitable demise of print media with fistfuls of clay. Tablets, that is.

It’s true that we caused a bit of a ruckus when we published a special edition in clay. WIRED blogged about us twice and one of the tablets ended up being inducted into Texas A&M’s science fiction collection at Cushing Library, where it nests in climate-controlled comfort, spitting distance from the collected papers of John Donne and George R.R. Martin. For more funny anecdotes and testimonials, please see our About Us page.

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After all this hype, you might be ready for a story or two. Who are we to stop you? The proof’s in the pudding! Sometimes we publish several flash pieces together as a set; sometimes it’s a web comic and a bizarre poem. If you hunger for more, we recommend you read our Selected E-Stories, which are some of our favorites from the past decade (!) of strange funny tales that we’ve had the honor of flogging.

  • Nascent Magic
    The thing they don’t tell you is summoning beings to make deals and upgrade your power isn’t as straightforward as it seems in pop culture, or on social media, or in this classroom, and definitely not in role-playing or video games. Everyone thinks it’s all, “Oh, I’ll trade you my soul for this power.” Strike down my enemies. Bring me riches. And other stupid Faustian deals. Look, if it were that easy, everyone would be a sorcerer.

Don’t forget: Space Squid is now an ephemeral publication. That means that (with the exception of the Selected E-Stories) work will disappear from the front page whenever a new weird, funny story is published. This is to encourage you, our intrepid reader, to enjoy new work immediately when it appears. This is a publication, dammit, not a library! So carpe that diem and read before the latest story expires.

The flash you’ll read in Space Squid is rowdy.

– Prof. Michael Allen Chaney, Dartmouth University, “Top 10 Literary Magazines for Surreal Flash Fiction”

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People were spellbound, engaged, moved, and more. Thanks so much… you killed it.

– Jill Meyers, Lit crawl, texas book festival