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Plague and Mad Doll (Take Over) Save the World

When news of the aliens’ arrival hit Channel 4, Plague and Mad Doll were in the lair they had dug under the Science and Engineering building where Plague had most of her classes. Plague was tightening the last screw on the Overpowered Mind Control for Overlords Machine, a device that looked a bit like an oversized, old-fashioned camera.

Plague paused to remove a long piece of hair from the screw. “I fixed the problem from last time.”

“I thought you were going to send it into space.”

“Do you have a rocket lying around?”

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The Guns


Ted decided to jump ahead one month at a time, reporting back after each mission. Up through July, six months from when he was assigned to the project, things on Earth looked pretty normal, even boring. On Ted’s seventh trip, to August, he noticed a strange whining sound as soon as the time machine started up. He ignored it and set a beach in Australia as the machine’s destination. He’d never been to Australia before.

A bright flash in the sky caught his attention. Ted frowned and squinted upward until he picked out a strange light in the sky. The light resolved itself into three lights. Then five. Then fifteen. Forty. He lost count.

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