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Flash Fiction (About The Flash!)

By Steve Gillies

I hit you as hard as I can and you won’t go down so I have to do the thing that I’m good at. I have to run away. I run out of town as fast as I can. Fast so fast I run up the side and over a moving train in a nanosecond so fast I hit the beach and kick up minor sandstorms so fast I hit the water with feet that don’t stay on the surface long enough to break its tension....

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And Fire Will Come From My Hands

Superheroes usually get their powers when they’re about my age. Something to do with puberty I guess; no one ever really gets specific about it. But about thirteen, fourteen, around there, is where it happens. Like how all the original X-Men were teenagers when they started. And so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting mine any day now. I’m ready. I’m waiting. I’ve practiced....

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