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The Tom Plutarch Interview


A new voice speaks. ‘Okay, Tom. Can we begin?’


Rustling of papers and plastic.

‘Okay, the dictation machine is on. Cool. This is Sally McDonald from the Incredible or Impossible Magazine, and I have Tom Plutarch sitting next to me.

‘Just for reference, Tom is a millionaire entrepreneur, Buddhist priest, professor of psychology, Nobel- and Pulitzer-prize-winning author, and last but not least, a superhuman mind reader. Tom, when did you start to read other people’s thoughts?’

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Flash Fiction (About The Flash!)

By Steve Gillies

I hit you as hard as I can and you won’t go down so I have to do the thing that I’m good at. I have to run away. I run out of town as fast as I can. Fast so fast I run up the side and over a moving train in a nanosecond so fast I hit the beach and kick up minor sandstorms so fast I hit the water with feet that don’t stay on the surface long enough to break its tension....

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And Fire Will Come From My Hands

Superheroes usually get their powers when they’re about my age. Something to do with puberty I guess; no one ever really gets specific about it. But about thirteen, fourteen, around there, is where it happens. Like how all the original X-Men were teenagers when they started. And so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be getting mine any day now. I’m ready. I’m waiting. I’ve practiced....

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