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December Double! A Story and Comic (and Squid Mural)


This month: It's double-story December at Space Squid. We bring you two mindbending tales, one in prose and one in comic form. Plus the best squid mural in history. Read, enjoy, subscribe!

“Earth will be destroyed this Saturday. Or maybe Sunday. It depends on which side of the International Date Line the comet strikes.

“Did you hear me? No more Earthlings. Only cockroaches. You’ve been sleeping for two days. You’re missing out on the end of history.”

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Flash! "Spiralize Me" and More

This month: It's free flash fiction time at Space Squid. This month we celebrate summer with two memorable stories and two comics. Read, enjoy, subscribe!

I stare at my sleek, new veggie spiralizer with disdain. It's a simple contraption-- dual funnels attached at the narrow ends, with severely sharp blades tucked inside, promising to turn any vegetable into long strings of gluten-free goodness. But I don't care how much meat sauce I dump on it, there's no way zucchini noodles will satisfy me like hearty durum wheat spaghetti.

Effin' Paleo diet.

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