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Clay Tablet Scifi?!? Huh?

A scifi 'zine is an expensive money-losing business, so we decided to print on clay tablets. Printing costs are kililng us. Clay is plentiful. Power to the people! We're flattered that our antics have been getting some great press at WIRED, on Bruce Sterling's blog, and at various webby spots.

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Space Squid Vaporizing

In the category of things that are space squid but not SPACE SQUID, let's look at this listing for a space squid vaporizor. Why would somebody vaporize a space squid? Why would they build a special tool to do so?

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Why You Need To Give Us Your Digits

So... we think you're kind of cute, and we'd like you to give us your personal information. We won't stalk you in the middle of the night. Okay, we will email you in the middle of the night, but only with cool shit, because we like to think we're cool.

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Squidcast #10 – Primary Pollinator

My, how time do fly! Having recovered from the sheer in-your-faceness of our good buddy Allen Wise's "Gymorda Cycle," we're switching gears from tentacle sex to plant sex with an audio-ized tale of Nicole Kimberling's unforgettable contribution to SpaceSquid #2

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