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Full Circle Home


Dan despaired.

He had just watched a depressing French movie about an elderly guy forced to provide medical care as best he could for his wife, who had been ravaged by a stroke.

The subject of old people and their care punched a bruise in Dan’s brain. He had one living parent: an alcoholic, dysfunctional mess of a man who seemed to be going through the stages of mummification, though still breathing....

He would never die, Dan often thought while cradling himself to sleep, because evil like that does not die.

But according to the next door neighbor, the Punch Happy Prick was now pissing his pants and confusing the mail carrier with a hooker, and this left Dan with a heavy feeling.

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Space Squid Wikipedia Cred

In another sign of the flagging standards of Wikipedia, Space Squid is mentioned on the Bizarro Fiction entry.

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SxSW + Squid + Dorkbot + Ignite

On March 11th, Space Squid will be exhibiting at the Ignite/Dorkbot SXSW. What the heck does that mean, and does it involve inappropriate exposure? Good questions and the answers are "Yes, and maybe." I think some simple definitions are required

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Space Squid Inducted Into University Collection

A few months ago, we donated the complete works of Space Squid, including the clay tablets and the resin templates, to the to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection at the Cushing Memorial Library and Archives at Texas A&M University. And they took them. And now they're preserving them next to actual Mesopotamean treasures.

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Shadowheart Preview: Tad Williams’ Newest

Fantasy readers, we've got a special Thanksgiving preview surprise for you -- a reading of an preview from Tad Williams' new (and final) book in the Shadowmarch series.

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