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Babylon Loves You


In the morning she wakes you with a kiss. It’s the feel of cold metal on your cheek. You open your eyes and roll over. The service drone, her avatar, rolls back and waits patiently for you to get up.

In the shower, you know she’s watching you. In the kitchen, she makes you breakfast: coffee, toast, and eggs.

The drone, all ball-treads and spider-legs, sees you to the door. A thin metal arm straightens your collar.

“Have a good day,” a neutral female voice says.

You leave. And in the hallway outside your apartment you yank your collar askew again.

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The Bed Person


Emily was lonely. She slept alone in a bed that was almost insultingly made for two. So, after saving up for a few months, she bought a Bed Person.

The Bed Person wasn’t for sex. Emily already had a Sex Person for that. But she didn’t really like it. It was good at sex, sure. But the way it seemed to stare into her with its blank face while it thrust away made her uncomfortable. And after it was done it never stayed to snuggle. It just took a shower and plugged itself back into its recharging port.

The Bed Person was specifically designed for snuggling. It was built to hold its owner through the night. That’s what all the ads said, anyway.

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