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The Guns


Ted decided to jump ahead one month at a time, reporting back after each mission. Up through July, six months from when he was assigned to the project, things on Earth looked pretty normal, even boring. On Ted’s seventh trip, to August, he noticed a strange whining sound as soon as the time machine started up. He ignored it and set a beach in Australia as the machine’s destination. He’d never been to Australia before.

A bright flash in the sky caught his attention. Ted frowned and squinted upward until he picked out a strange light in the sky. The light resolved itself into three lights. Then five. Then fifteen. Forty. He lost count.

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It Is Pointless to Resist

You want to know how we won the war? It started like this:

“Now, the Model 3500 is good for cleaning your average family-sized starship,” the salesman said, “but for a planet-buster craft like this? What you really need is the Ultra Deluxe Turbo 3600 model for only $2,000 more.”

The aliens closed their eyes and went silent, which I knew by then to mean they were communicating telepathically. The salesman--Dave, according to his business card--waited patiently.

Finally, the alien known as Kamrost Two opened his eyes. WE WILL HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT.

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