Squidcast #10 – Primary Pollinator

My, how time do fly! Having recovered from the sheer in-your-faceness of our good buddy Allen Wise's "Gymorda Cycle," we're switching gears from tentacle sex to plant sex with an audio-ized tale of Nicole Kimberling's unforgettable contribution to SpaceSquid #2 (read by the author). Note: This broadcast piggybacks off our sister site, RevolutionSF.com, in case the introduction confuses you (as if my pathetic attempt at a British accent for no good reason weren't befuddling enough ... what was I thinking?)

\"Primary Pollinator\" by Nicole Kimberling

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  1. Demetre says:

    Kinda cool.Very unusual, it caught me off guard.

  2. Tom Allman says:

    Holy Crap, that was wicked awesome. That's the kind of stuff they should print in Asimov's! Thank You Nicole!

    1. Squishy says:

      Thanks, Tom! And yeah, this is a favorite of ours, definitely. Nicole takes no prisoners.

  3. D. Chang says:

    heh heh!

    you sound a little like the Geico lizard in the intro.

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