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It seems like only yesterday that Space Squid was the leading voice in the Inferno/krusher movement. Yet we failed to get a Wikipedia reference for that. Why? Because the man at Wikipedia decided that Inferno/krusher was "too silly" to warrant an entry.

Luckily, Bizzarofic is silly in a way that the collective voice of Wikipedia can stomach. And it has been brought to our attention that Space Squid is one of only five publications cited as sources for bizarro fiction.

So, whomever put us on the entry and got us past the censors, the Space Squid salutes you.

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5 comments on “Space Squid Wikipedia Cred
  1. Squishy says:

    And stay tuned for issue #10, which we dubbed "The Bizarro Issue." Karl, we owe you a beer.

    Editor D

  2. Matthew says:

    And this is Space Squid saluting you. *salute*

  3. Karl A. Fischer says:

    Ha, that's my fault. Took you long enough to find out.

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