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So traditionally, before Space Squid developed this nifty weblog format, we were primarily a paper DIY zine. So DIY that we printed on a salvaged photocopier. There have been two of these photocopiers, Sanjay-I, whose power board broke and had to be recycled, and the current Sanjay-II, which Editor D found on freecycle.

A few months ago, Sanjay-II just stopped working. The countdown timer for the fuser web had reached zero, and it wouldn’t print any more until a technician looked at it. Needless to say, we’re not the sort of operation that can afford technicians. I had to find a manual for this somewhat outdated machine, order a fuser web (essentially an automated shammy for the hot rollers that iron the toner to the paper), and then pull the fuser unit from the machine.

Fuser Web for Panasonic FP-D350
Sanjay's Fuser Web

Long story short, there are now paper versions of Issue 9 available. We are currently distributing them to all the obvious places around Austin. Editor D said he’d be dropping some off at BookPeople, and I’ve already left some at various coffee shops, including Quack’s, Spiderhouse, and JP’s.

If you want one of your own, and you don’t live in the Austin area, we like to send an issue or two to folks who click on our paypal link and send the Squid a little something to keep going.

And we’re always looking for conventions or other opportunities to give away large quantities of Space Squid, so let us know if you have any ideas.

2 responses to “Paper Squid on the Street”

  1. Squishy Avatar

    Also, I should point out that Space Squid is still a paper ‘zine, although we are often tempted by the siren call of paperlessness. Mainly because we are Prius-driving, bike-loving, pachouli-snorting hippies, but also because we are cheap as the day is long.

    Oh, alright. Mainly because we’re cheap.

    Anyhow, the blog is the blog, and Space Squid is the paper thing, and the PDF thing that you can download here for free. Because we love you.

  2. editor D Avatar

    BookPeople has a new stack of both issue 8 AND 9! Hurry over before they’re all gone.

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