Clagg: Space Squids of Metal

There’s been an uptick recently of people using the phrase “Space Squid.” We’ve entered the public consciousness, people. Of particular note, the Australian metal band Clagg, has a great space squid cover. Yes, nothing is more metal than a squid in space.

Clagg album coverHere’s what Clagg has to say about themselves on their myspace page:

Through a seven year history, Clagg have endured enormous challenges to emerge as one of Australia’s leading doom and sludge bands. Building their sound upon a foundry of monstrous guitar riffs, a bludgeoning rhythm section and demonic vocals, Clagg have been persistent in spreading their evil word amid many setbacks.

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  1. editor D Avatar

    I visited the Squid Ink Kollective over the weekend as part of the East Austin Studio Tour. ( We discussed the appeal of squid, and I voiced my secret gripe: in all this hype and love for squid, our cousins the octopi are left out in the cold. Sure, they only have eight tentacles, but should we judge based only on the number of rubbery members?

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