Space Squid redux on Drabblecast

If you’re reading this post, the odds are that you never saw some of the early issues of Space Squid. Those early issues were ephemeral and rare. If you didn’t get a ratty, home-photocopied booklet pressed into your hand at a convention party, then all the wit and brilliance of Space Squid would have have passed you over as if it had never happened.

There are some who would say that Space Squid issue #2 was the best thing we ever did. That person would be editor D. Primary Pollinator -- Nicole Kimberling

Unfortunately, we  printed this issue professionally, so we could only afford 300 copies. And now they’re all gone. As I write this, I only have a single copy remaining in my personal stash, and I’m not letting that one go. So if you weren’t one of the lucky 300 to see Nicole Kimberling’s Primary Pollinator in print, it’s probably not going to happen.

But you can now hear Primary Pollinator. You know, in audio.

In my capacity as assistant editor at Drabblecast, I suggested to Norm Sherman that “Primary Pollinator” would be a good fit. And now you can hear Norm read the sexiest pollination story in science fiction history in Drabblecast 191.


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