Slush Pile Essentially Empty

As of this moment, there are no submissions sent prior to August 1st that haven’t been responded to. We’re in the middle of publishing issue #10, so if you submitted after August 1st you’re going to have to wait until September for me to get to you. Sorry, I’m a little crabby right now and if I read your submission it wouldn’t get the reading it deserved. But if you’re nice, maybe Elle will take a look.

I got a few queries recently about stories submitted around April that didn’t get a response. We didn’t have a record of them so it’s possible that the form submit wasn’t working.

If you submitted a story prior to August 1st and haven’t heard from us, please send us a query, and we’ll take care of it right away.


2 responses to “Slush Pile Essentially Empty”

  1. Stewart Avatar

    Hi Matthew,

    I submitted a piece significantly before August 1st (early May) and have had no response. I sent off the contact form to let you know about a week ago, but haven’t heard back on that, either. What’s the next step?

    1. Squishy Avatar

      Stewart, thanks for submitting, and for inquiring…!

      Despite our apparent spineless and slimy nature, we are very serious about submissions. We’ve been through the cycle too many times ourselves.

      We have been discussing the submission system, and we believe some communications are being spamfiltered. I’m logging in now to add a cautionary note to that effect on the submissions page. Matthew is investigating your specific case and should have some info soon.

      Editor D

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