Our Game of Thrones-y Radio Play from Armadillocon

game-of-thrones-radio-playWe decided it was time to do some instant radio theater for this summer's Armadillocon. The concept was that we'd write a funny half-hour radio play, heavy on Game of Thrones (cuz no one's burned out on that!) and AD&D jokes, post it as an event in the con schedule, and cast it out of the three people who turned up. We'd force these three people to read the script cold, do a lot of funny accents, and then fix all the bad audio in post.

And guess what? It's finished! And amazingly about 25 people turned up to participate and share a few laughs at the expense of medieval warriors and weird Americans. We had a full cast of 10 people!

In the live session, we did run out of time at the top of scene 4, but thanks to the generosity of our actors, we recorded a followup session or three to get all the lines and complete the saga. Enjoy.

If you want to download the MP3 for offline listening, you can find it at https://www.spacesquid.com/wp-content/uploads/Questing-radioplay.mp3 .


Melissa Wykes (Qatt), Vidya Travis (Jace), Cameron Stewart (Frandrick), Hector Gonzalez (Slaysalot), Tomi Welch (Sydney), Sierra Laddusaw (Narrator), Jamie Holt (Qasper), Rocco Trosclair (sfx, Tywirion, and credits), D Chang (barista), and Matthew Bey (Socasma).

Special thanks to Patrice Sarath, Charles Siros, and Martin Kevorkian. Sound effects by AllSounds on Youtube (audionautix.com) under the Creative Commons 4.0 attribution license. Music by Infernal Bridegroom. Story by D Chang. Copyright 2019.

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