Space Squid #6 PDF

Squid Grrrl: Joyce
Print run: 1255
Notes: First color cover. Sponsored by Gamecock and the Mushroom Men game for the Wii. Produced for Armadillocon. “Electric Fantastiphone” is a highlight. Also includes our Dark Knight movie parody, “Knight of Clubs.”

“The Sisters Hennessey” by Paige E. Roberts
“Our Grandparents Are Cheap Pine Coffee Tables” by Paul Robinson
“Professional” by Glenn Shaheen
“Wonder” by J.R.
“Shiitake” by Christopher Oatis
“The Night of Their Conversion” by Patrice Sarath
“Electric Fantastiphone” by Jens Rushing
“The Reply of Margarita Amanita” by Aaron DaMommio

Paul Salamone
“Invasion Technician” by Terry Whisenant
“Knight of Clubs” by D Chang

Chris Waltrip
Chris Friend
Red Fly Studio and Gamecock Media Group
Fredy Rodriguez Jimenez