Space Squid #4 PDF

(aka Vol 2, Issue 1)
Summer 2007
Squid Grrrl: Nedra Frangelico
Print run: 400(?)
Notes: The first issue that we actually printed out on our free craigslist copier, Sanjay2, saving a truly massive amount of cash. Layout by Natalie Ferguson. Funpage puzzle comparing Barack Obama with Baraka from Mortal Kombat completely fails to garner controversy.

Includes our first and most successful movie parody, “Touch My Pecs!”, which totally jumbles the plotline of 300, because Editor D has never seen the film.

“World Should Welcome . . .” By David Alexander Mulis
“Cooking with Gas” by Mikal Trimm
“Ode to Code: A Geek Poem” by Raph Koster
“What We Know” by Rahul Kanakia
“Bad Amy” by Patrice Sarath
“Crossover Event” by Derek J. Goodman

“Touch My Pecs! Now!!!” by D Chang

G.W. Thomas
Fredy Rodriguez Jimenez
David Johnston