Space Squid #3 PDF

(aka Vol 1, Issue 3)
Fall 2006
Squid Grrrl: Teal Day
Print run: 400(?), Office Depot
Notes: World Fantasy Issue. First appearance of regular contributor Derek J. Goodman. Wildly embarrassing copy-editing mistake means that many copies have Ryan Oakley’s name stickered over a name that is not his. At this point, it’s clear that we have no idea how the “Vol./Issue.” naming convention works. Editor’s note suggests this is self-copied on Sanjay, our first free copier, but Sanjay died before we actually went to print. Official salute to Inferno/Krusher issue. Mikal Trimm established as nemesis.

“Beta Test Dummy” by Ryan Oakley
“Headjobs…(and the expansion of the universe)” by Ashley Arnold
“Spray-on Nano Sex” by Paul Salamone
“3:06pm London, England” by Neil Carstairs
“Strength in Numbers” by Frank Roger
“Can’t Shoot Down a Rocker” by Zachary M. Loeb
“Power Pastry” by Derek J. Goodman
Marginalia from Mikal Trimm pretending to be Larry Flynt

The Piranha by Fredy Rodriguez Jimenez
“Intelligent Design’s Future Plans for the Human Body” by Steve Wilson
Apathy Striketeam Sigma by D Chang
“Exploding!! (the most exciting comic in human history)” by Matthew Bey

Ethan Martinez
Brian Clegg
Scott Kinnebrew
Big Honkey