Space Squid #14 PDF: Survivors

This special issue collects the best of our web-published stories from 2016 to 2017. Sixteen FULL COLOR pages in a unique 5.5 x 8.5 format with a gorgeous retro Barbarella-style cover by Jody Zung, featuring model Adrienne Sparks.

Contributions from writers William Squirrell, Noah Lemelson, Andrew Jensen, John Rickett, Matthew Lee. Multiple-page comic by John Sowder. Art by D Chang.

This issue features an especially insulting and funny foreword from Editor Matt, plus our first-ever album! That’s right, included with the PDF is a link to download the full album Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On by Tiny Animals, who’ve been featured on MTV’s Real World and College Life, and have played festivals like SXSW and Bonnaroo. You can sample their stuff at their Facebook page.

“… melodies that stick in your noggin like a pitchfork” —