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Squid Review: Unstuck, Issue 1

Unstuck is an Austin non-profit fiction journal that aims to collect short stories together into an annual edition of the surreal, fantastic, and futuristic. The first issue has 21 short stories, 5 poems, and 1 non-fiction essay. The first thing

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A Tentacle-Teaser: Technicolor Ultra Mall

A story clawing to escape the mass media that ensnares it, Ryan Oakley's Technicolor Ultra Mall is a dystopian tour de force that will baffle and incite you in a spiral of emotions that haunt this seemingly all-but-human world. Resisting

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Your Holiday Gift: Rarrrgg Part 1

Happy holidays, Squid Nation! We bring you a little tale of zombie love from our talented friend Nicky Drayden. Part one of a three-part tale, illustrated and read by the author. Enjoy...! Update: Nicky's a little busy with child-rearing and a

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How To Make Your Own Clay Magazine

Clay Tablet Scifi Is Publishing's Newest Fad We knew everyone was going to go bananas over clay and its superior archival characteristics. Digital schmigital! That stuff turns to pixie dust as soon as the power goes out. But we love

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Apathy Striketeam Sigma #2

For some reason, according to Google, this cartoon had a very low bounce rate compared to the rest of the old Space Squid site. I guess that means we should keep the page live. Click the image to view it

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5 Yrs of Rad Science Fiction Short Stories = Just $3?!?

Only the best science fiction short stories and humor from the best science fiction zine in history. Seriously, this is about 150 pages of our best. That's 2 pennies a page. Buy now or regret it later. That's a threat.

The Best Science Fiction Stories From Your Puny Planet

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