Dear Aunty Stanky: Turduckin’

Dear Aunty Stanky:

My friend Laura used to work at an air conditioning repair place with a guy named Hank Stanky who invented a modified version of the Hanky Panky called the Hanky Stanky, which involved pantomiming the act of pulling down on the endless hand towel rolls you find in truck stop bathrooms. Would you give me your phone number so I can write it on the bathroom walls of the truckstop I live underneath so maybe Hank will see it next time he rolls through? I’m sure he’d love to reconnect.

Keep On Turduckin’

Dear Crazy Person:

Here’s what I gleamed from your letter – yada yada yada stanky yada yada yada bathroom yada yada yada truckstop yada yada yada rolls.

Not sure why anyone would care about stanky bathroom rolls, but whatever floats your boat, sweetheart…

Always your

Sane Stanky

2 responses to “Dear Aunty Stanky: Turduckin’”

  1. Aunty Stanky Avatar
    Aunty Stanky

    You deserve each other.

  2. Bernard Barcio Avatar
    Bernard Barcio

    The person who wrote the yadda yadda reply completely missed the point. Come on, they’re talking about a new dance movement. And a clever one at that. Go, Laura!

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