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Obligatory Hugo Nomination Endorsements

It's the last day to put in your nominations for the Hugos, for those of you who are eligible to vote (and if you don't know if you are or not, I'm not about to explain the process here*). Of

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Squid Review: You Shall Never Know Security

August is coming to an end, and here in Austin that means the perfect marriage of scorching heat and drenching humidity. It's no wonder us here at Space Squid read so much and don't get out very often. Some embrace

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Editor D's 2011 Armadillocon Films

These are the films I showed at Armadillocon 2011. Please help me thank the filmmakers by contacting your favorites with some feedback! Quasar Hernandez by the Zellner Brothers A Family X-mas by Warren Eig Prey Alone by Saint & Mather

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Squid Review: Unstuck, Issue 1

Unstuck is an Austin non-profit fiction journal that aims to collect short stories together into an annual edition of the surreal, fantastic, and futuristic. The first issue has 21 short stories, 5 poems, and 1 non-fiction essay. The first thing

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A Tentacle-Teaser: Technicolor Ultra Mall

A story clawing to escape the mass media that ensnares it, Ryan Oakley's Technicolor Ultra Mall is a dystopian tour de force that will baffle and incite you in a spiral of emotions that haunt this seemingly all-but-human world. Resisting

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