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free scifiFree scifi is the urge that drives you here. You need free scifi. You yearn for free scifi. Especially the funny scifi.

You must have your free PDFs of Space Squid issues! A whale-load of outrageous and sometimes funny sci-fi and outrageousness! These PDFs contain your planet's finest and funniest free sci-fi known to squiddom!

The current free PDF is issue #7. To redeem, just add it to your cart and enter the promo code ILOVESQUID. If you are one of the lucky people with an exclusive promo code from an editor, you can get #7 and get your special download on our promo page.

Also, please consider buying one of our astonishing low-cost ads or a funny t-shirt. We promise not to tell anyone.

And let us know what you think of your free sci-fi!

This special issue collects the best of our web-published stories from 2012 to 2015. Twenty-four FULL COLOR pages in a unique 5.5 x 8.5 format with a white horse bleeding from its eye sockets on the cover. From the eye sockets…

With a full-color cover featuring the lovely Ruby Joule, issue 7 was a stunner with contributions from writers J.E. McCollum, Glenn Shaheen, William Peacock, Brian Beise, Jeff Vande Zande, Jens Rushing, and K.C. Shaw. Artists Paul Salamone, Chris Waltrip, G.W.…

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  1. […] Coming in at only 149 words, Envy is a pretty short story, but that doesn’t bother the trail-blazers at Space Squid.  They published it in their 11th Issue (in print at Armadillocon July 27th, 2012)!  Check out the issue #11 (when it’s available – COMING SOON!), which will include this super-short story – download the PDF (issues 7, 8, 9, 10, and soon, 11) for FREE! […]

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