What Exactly is Space Squid?

Greetings, we've ascertained from your IP address that you are a human earthling. As such, you are no doubt too uncool to understand the nuances of Space Squid through the dimensional portal in your pineal gland.

Very well.

We shall try and make use simple terms for you. Space Squid is a science fiction 'zine. It is a bizarro fic, fantasy, comics, scifi and humor website. It is a collective of culture jammers. It is free mind-altering stories posted on this site and your mailbox. Hint: join the mailing list for free shit. Check out our complete corporate history and let the hijinx begin.

That is all. Suck it, human.

- Squishy the Squid

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Squid News

Open a Sardine Can the Russian Way, And a New Funny T-Shirt

Zombie lovers and haters, we have some important news updates for you today. Okay, maybe not that important. ONE: IMMORTAL JELLYFISH Yep... say no more. Clear proof that sea life is superior to Read more, human! →

Sleep Like a Squid

Funny Photo: Nap Squidstyle Today we bring you an office recuperative called the Ostrich Nap Pillow, which is an upholstered headbag that will be sure to trigger active discussion and probably Read more, human! →

The Stickers and Postcards Are Here!

Funny sticker and postcard fans, rejoice! If you've been seeking the proper, societally-approved way to show your love for squidly things, this is your time. You see, the new Space Squid stickers and Read more, human! →

Space Squid Inducted Into University Collection

We're still thinking of how we're going to outdo the "Clay Tablet" issue. The effects reverberate still. A few months ago, we donated the complete works of Space Squid, including the clay tablets and Read more, human! →

Clay Tablet Scifi?!? Huh?

A scifi 'zine is an expensive money-losing business, so we decided to print on clay tablets. Printing costs are kililng us. Clay is plentiful. Power to the people! We printed a special edition of Read more, human! →

Five Years of Awesome Only $2.99!

Only the best fiction from the best sci-fi zine in history. Seriously, this is about 150 pages of our best. That's 2 pennies a page. Buy now or regret it later. That's a threat.

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...for the best scifi. Download the latest issue in high-resolution PDF format. Because you deserve the best that money can't buy.

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